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Can I purchase Bio Sculpture Gel products without doing a training course? Where can I find Bio Sculpture Gel products?

No, to become a Bio Sculpture nail technician you will need to do the necessary certified training depending on your background in beauty education. As World Leaders in Healthy Nail Care, Bio Sculpture Gel is a training based nail care system exclusively for professionally qualified Bio Sculpture Gel nail technicians. Specific, correct application methods and techniques, knowledge regarding nail terminology, nail analysis and product knowledge is essential in order to use Bio Sculpture Gel successfully.

Evo Oxygenating Gel – Bio Sculpture’s entry level fast lane colour overlay system does not require any formal training for certified professionals. The nail technician is provided with a step by step demonstration manual included in the starter kit. The amateur nail technician may require a day of training or Evo demonstration, depending on her background and experience.

Evo and Bio Sculpture Gel are completely compatible. Evo Oxygenating Gel is therefore the perfect product line to get you started, followed by Bio Sculpture Gel’s comprehensive training course to become a Professional Nail Technician and eventually a potential Platinum Rated Nail Technician.

In addition to our nail care systems, Bio Sculpture Gel has a full range of retail home care Natural Nail Treatment Pens available for any nail type or condition. These home care pens can treat problem nails and will promote overall nail health. We also offer a full spa product range available to any salon or as home care products.

Click here to learn more about our retail Natural Nail Health Enhancement and spa product range.

Click here to learn more about Bio Sculpture Gel training. Contact your nearest training center.