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If my nails are naturally weak, what can I do to help strengthen them?

Bio Sculpture Gel has a full retail range of Natural Treatment Pens for healthy nail enhancement.

Bio Sculpture Vitamin Treatment is the perfect Vitamin Boost for cuticles and nails of all types and conditions.

Bio Sculpture Protein Base is ideal to thicken and strengthen weak and thin nails.

Bio Sculpture Oxy-Gain Base will treat soft, damaged and dry nails which tend to flake and chip.

Bio Sculpture Nourishing Oil can be applied regularly to treat dehydrated nails and cuticles.

Bio Sculpture Keratin Base is a treatment to strengthen soft nails by improving the nail plate condition.

Bio Sculpture Essential Oil Base acts as a restoring treatment, applied to brittle, hard or damaged nails.

If you have your nails done by a Bio Sculpture Professional Nail Technician, ask her to treat your natural nails with one of Bio Sculpture’s Salon Treatments before and after your Gel application.

Bio Sculpture Executive Base is a nail treatment, ideal to strengthen nails by building up keratin. Not recommended for brittle nails.

Bio Sculpture Lavender Base, enriched with lavender essential oils, is used for moisturising and softening dry, brittle and flaky nails. Apply one or two layers to improve the condition.

Bio Sculpture Vitamin Dose is infused with a selection of vitamins to improve nail appearance. When applied to the entire nail and cuticle area, it will enhance the condition of the nail and stimulate nail growth.

Bio Sculpture Cuticle Oil is a cuticle treatment, rich in Nourishing Oils and Vitamin E. Specially formulated to balance the oil and moisture level of the nail plate and re-hydrate cuticles.

Bio Sculpture Cuticle Remover is applied to the cuticle area around the nails, and will soften and release stubborn skin.

Click here to learn more about Bio Sculpture’s Natural Nail Enhancement Treatments.