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Evo Oxygenating Gel Colour Overlay Revolution

Does Evo need to be soaked off?

Yes. Evo Removal sachets make the process quick and easy without causing any damage to the nail plate. Evo is easily removed within 10 to 12 minutes. Evo Cleanser and Remover sachets are available in packs of 100. Click here to view Evo’s Intruduction Colour Range Lookbook. Click here to view Evo’s full Colour Range.

What is the difference between Bio Sculpture Gel and Evo?

Evo is a nail care system that has Evolved from the Bio Sculpture Gel system – Leaders In Healthy Nail Care. It is the ideal product to work within a busy salon. Evo Base is Vitamin A and E infused, and these vitamins migrate to the natural nail after curing. Evo has a revolutionary Oxygenating Base, optimising oxygen and moisture vapour permeation to and from the nail plate. This permeation ensures no excessive dehydration or moisture build-up on the natural nail. Bio Sculpture Gel – Leader In Healthy Nail Care offers Sculpting, Strengthening, Building, Supporting and more nail care solutions…

Do I need formal training to become an Evo nail technician?

Not if you are already a qualified beauty or nail therapist. The Evo starter kit includes a user-friendly manual showcasing Evo application, French application and removal demonstrations step by step. However, with Evo being Bio Sculpture’s fast lane colour overlay product line, Bio Sculpture Gel training is highly recommended in order to become a Professional Nail Technician. Bio Sculpture Gel training will enable you to possess a greater skill set, procuring a far larger client base. Your clients’ nails may require Silk Repairs, extended Sculptures, Re-enforcement, Upper Arch support or other specialised treatments. Bio Sculpture Gel has high viscosity Building…

Will Evo replace Bio Sculpture Gel?

No. Evo by Bio Sculpture Gel is complementary to the original Leading Nail Care system. Evo will open doors to new opportunities for salons and spas to grow their client base by now also offering a quick and cost effective treatment. Evo is a colour overlay system and should be used in conjunction with Bio Sculpture Gel, which offers a tailored nail care solution for any nail type or condition with its extensive spectrum of Treatment Gels.

What is Evo?

Evo is a revolutionary colour overlay system that has Evolved from the Bio Sculpture Gel system, based on the same industry-leading nail care technology. It is a fast application Gel product in a 12 ml glass container. Evo applicators are soft rounded brushes, providing a neat cuticle finish and assisting in applying the correct amount of product during treatments.
The Evo application method is simple and is applied much like Nail Polish. Click here to view the Evo Application demonstration video. Click here to view Evo’s online Manual.