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Natural Nail Health & Spa Treatments

Why should I exfoliate my skin?

Exfoliation speeds up the cell renewal process and removes the clogged layers of dead skin cells, leaving the surface of the skin feeling soft and smooth, while unblocking pores and softening dry patches. Exfoliation will also increase the skin’s ability to absorb moisture and prevents premature aging caused by dry and dehydrated skin.

I frequently experience hard, partly detached cuticles, causing hooking hangnails.

Regular salon treatments will keep cuticles neatly clipped. Do not pick, worsening the problem. Bio Sculpture Hand Wash will keep hands and cuticles soft, fresh and hygienically clean, followed with Bio Sculpture Cuticle Remover that will soften all stubborn skin around the cuticles. For home care, use the Bio Sculpture Vitamin Treatment Pen over nails and cuticles to boost and rejuvenate the keratin structure, followed by the Bio Sculpture Nourishing Oil Pen to restore dry, damaged skin and combat dehydrated cuticles. Bio Sculpture Cuticle Cream enriched with essential oils, kept in your handbag for regular application will ensure healthy, soft…

What is the difference between the Potpourri Salt Scrub and Apricot Kernel Scrub?

Bio Sculpture Potpourri Salt Scrub is a luxurious spa treatment that can be used in the shower or bath. Potpourri Salt Scrub comprises of aromatic essential oils and an abrasive salt base that is used to remove the dead layer of skin cells. Bio Sculpture Apricot Kernel Scrub is a softer, cream based scrub with crushed Apricot Kernels that is used to gently remove the built up dead layers of skin cells, improving the texture of the skin.

As an active, sport loving, outdoor person, my feet are often sore, tired and my heels cracked. Do you have any treatment suggestions?

Moisturising Bio Sculpture Mint Mask brushed onto the foot from ankle to toe and underneath the foot will leave a relaxing, cooling effect while nourishing and rejuvenating the skin. Feet can be covered and left for a while before wiping with a warm, wet cloth. Remove tough, stubborn skin with a Pedi-Paddle and apply Bio Sculpture Heel Balm regularly to soften cracked heels and prevent future cracking. Massage Bio Sculpture Hand Cream into hands to hydrate the skin and act as UV sun filter protecting the skin from premature ageing.

I suffer from extremely dry, dehydrated skin and cuticles. How can I combat this problem?

To help rehabilitate dry, dehydrated skin and cuticles successfully, ask your nail technician to apply Bio Sculpture Cuticle Remover to cuticles as pre-treatment for a softening effect and to prevent cracking. Your salon Gel application will always be finished off with Bio Sculpture Cuticle Oil to keep cuticles hydrated. For home care, use the Bio Sculpture Nourishing Oil Pen regularly. Massage essential oil enriched Bio Sculpture Cuticle Cream into extremely dry cuticles daily to soften the skin, and fast absorbing Bio Sculpture Hand Cream to hydrate dry hands. Apply Bio Sculpture Hand & Body Butter to nurture the skin with…

If my nails are naturally weak, what can I do to help strengthen them?

Bio Sculpture Gel has a full retail range of Natural Treatment Pens for healthy nail enhancement. Bio Sculpture Vitamin Treatment is the perfect Vitamin Boost for cuticles and nails of all types and conditions. Bio Sculpture Protein Base is ideal to thicken and strengthen weak and thin nails. Bio Sculpture Oxy-Gain Base will treat soft, damaged and dry nails which tend to flake and chip. Bio Sculpture Nourishing Oil can be applied regularly to treat dehydrated nails and cuticles. Bio Sculpture Keratin Base is a treatment to strengthen soft nails by improving the nail plate condition. Bio Sculpture Essential Oil…